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October 31, 2006



'After spending a few months in Brazil, I had decided to take a break and set myself into a new adventure.'

Alex, you may be the only person I know who takes a break from a break! Very interesting to read about your experiences in the wonderful country of Bolivia. And as for the Andes... look forward to hearing a lot more about those.



Was looking at your website from start to finish to kill time at a very boring morning at work and now its lunchtime so it worked perfectly. The site is fantastic and hope you r well. Perhaps see you soon in Barca ? Take care
Colm x



Well...I am glad to hear that my webpage was useful to you somehow and you managed to enjoy your morning.

Back in Barcelona at the end of December and really looking forward for a good night out together matey.

Big hug,


Que interesant...Si, un dels paisos que menys se,n parla. Quina sort trobar-te al Marcelon perque t,expliques tot! ;)


Tu Vicents...i m'ho va explicar tot, tot!

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