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November 15, 2006



Absolutely fantastic photographs, Sr.


wow! Rapa Nui!!! Sempre he tingut ganes d,anar!
Molt guapes les fotos!
Pero no hi han natius de l,illa en "tapa-rabos" o tanga??? Pues ya no voy!

Douglas Fernandes

Hey Alex

How you doing mate? Easter Island, wow, I always wanted to see that place when I was young. Where are you going to head to next?

Great website by the way




Quan vegis les fotos del tio y del germà de la Tarita, et prometo que surtiràs volant de debò cap a Pascua.

Arribo el dia 22...per a quan sortim de marxa colega?




Still in Brazil, but I am actually heading next to Barcelona at the end of the year.

The adventure is nearly over matey, but also excited about my next move.

Let's keep in touch and hopefully catch up properly in London or somewhere in Spain soon.

Regards to the family...


Hi Alex!

First, I wish to thank you for writing such a great article on Rapa Nui and to have let Menno and I know about it. This article is so awesome that I feel ashamed about having being there with you guys and that I still know so few about it...

No, really: I have no idea what was I doing while you were sucking up all this information like a well-mannered and curious sponge! (Perhaps your speaking spanish might have helped, but that doesn't excuse me.) I'm sure the people of Rapa Nui would be greatly pleased to know that some visitors truly ARE interested in the place and its inhabitants, more than for simply being able to claim that they've been there. (Not only that, but to recognise and mention the fact that HUMANS build these statues and therefore deserve our full consideration and respect.) Places are so much more than mere images. Thank you again for giving us such an important lesson, reminding us, perhaps, of the very reason why we travel around the world.

Speaking of images, how funny is it to see myself in your pictures! Sharing this experience with you guys was a blessing. I haven't heard of Menno in quite a while, but I really hope he's doing fine, wherever his feet carry him.

I feel compelled to share two very special moments:

The second-to-last day, you stayed in the village to do some stuff while Menno and I rented a moped, got food for lunch, rode on inhospitable dirt roads, got as close as possible to the highest point on the island, hiked up even though my ankle was hurting, dined, talked, fully enjoyed the moment. Wished you were with us. Looking out to the infinite seas from this spot, from the navel of the world, is something I shall never ever forget...

Friday morning, while riding back to Hanga Roa after experiencing the sunrise, the whole world seemed to suddenly bask in a glowing, intense orange light. The sun was fast making its way towards the zenith, but for a couple of minutes, this almighty orange reined, shedding an exquisite and precious light upon every inch of land it could grasp. The sea remained unimpressed, having been a daily witness to this event (extraordinary for these ephemerous ants called humans) since the two first met, billions of years ago...

May I recall these the second before my earthly body expires.

Take care, amigo.


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