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December 04, 2006



Heh Amigo,

so your fairy tale is finally coming to an end, boy are you going to get a shock when you have to fit back in to city life !

I was out your way a couple of weeks ago, spent a week in St Lucia, then nipped over to Trinidad, and decided to travel a few more km and see if Chavez was in town ! Didn't have time to venture further south though.

Whilst I'm sure you'll be gutted to finish your travels, will be great to have you back in Europe and hear all about it straight from the horses mouth !

Enjoy your last few weeks, you've had a once in a lifetime experience, look on it with fond memories rather than getting sad about coming back to city life !!

José Barrios

The visit to el Cusco and Machu Picchu is a mixed experience. Is to see the most colorfull face from Peru that is at the same time the essence of being latin american, half spanish half native. Is to see in what we are similar to spanish and how much we still have of the ancient civilizations here.


Oi Oi Oi, Senor Mira. The photos of you on Galapagos are amazing. Look at the giant turtles! (Look at all the amazing men you are meeting! Makes me sick!)
Hombre, we are all missing you terribly. Myself and Gabby and Radice are wondering when you are coming back.

Alex, I am really proud of what you are doing. I am with you in spirit. I am very proud to be your friend.

Happy New Year darling!

Lots and lots of love



Ah! Machu Picchu, how could I ever forget you?

Inspiring entry you wrote here, my dear Alex. Having stood exactly where you stood half a year ago reminds me of a lot of things...

Of how incredible is the feeling of standing at the highest point on the Huayna Picchu, of how steep and actually dangerous the hike up and down is to get there (!), of how amazing the sunrise is while silently standing staring at the first rays piercing through the mountains with a whole bunch of strangers surrounding you, of how intriguing some features of the site are, of how ingenious these incas really were, of how unique is the feeling of walking in the Lost City of the Incas, of how much devotion it takes to build an entire city (all the way up there, for Christ's sake!) that is shaped like a falcon, of how striking is that face looking at the sky once you notice it, of how somehow you never want to leave this place...

Well, I shall not go further with these memorias mías, for the wish to go back is slowly gaining on me... Happiness is a curse, my friend, because once we've tasted it, we're condemned for all eternity to go on looking for it, roaming the earth if need be. Life, thus seen, is the sweetest sentence.



Hola :
alex veo en tus fotos q en verad fue el viaje de tu vida.
Tengo tres pregutas para ti, espero me las puedas contestar.

1.- Cual fue el pais que mas te gusto ?

2.- Cual fue el pais q mejor te trato ?

3.- fuiste colecionando pulseras cual es la mas importante para ti ?


veo q cada vez traes mas y mas pulceras por eso lo pregunto.


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