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December 05, 2006



It looks like a fabulous, beautiful place. And if you'd had an Underground journey like mine this morning, then you're right, a few thousand kilometres is rather similar.

But a year sabbatical? If I'm not wrong, I think you've been gone for nearly two!

Paul Ward

Hi Alex,
You have inspired me. Now, I'm going to take a sabbatical. I enjoyed the website immensely! Thanks for sharing it with me. pw



That's the whole point about me returning to Colombia. I had the time to go back because I took two years rather than just one year off.

Imagine if I had another one and what else I would revisit...

Nearly over though as I am pretty soon back in Barcelona.



Paul, P-Dub!

So great to hear from you...when are you coming to visit me in Spain?

Keep those abs working hard!

Jose Barrios

Hola Alex,
Regresar a Colombia es y será siempre una experincia que combina un espejismo de experiencia ya vivida, con un color y sabor fresco que se entremezcla con la experiencia anterior y la hace mas fuerte y mas real.
Un abrazo,


la verdad es k menudos viajes te has dado desde k nos vimos en la isla de ometepe en nicaragua no???
un saludo y a seguir viajando....

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